Behaviour Policy


Haileybury Turnford is committed to promoting an environment where all students can pursue excellence:

  • An environment where students are expected to have high expectations, having pride in themselves, their conduct, appearance and the school environment enabling all students to pursue excellence and experience personal success.
  • An inclusive and supportive environment where all students feel valued and are able to achieve academically and personally. An environment where students have been exposed to the best that has been thought or said and where students are supported to think, debate, justify and evaluate big questions that shape the world.
  • An orderly calm, environment where students feel safe and where effective learning and teaching can take place.
  • Preparing and educating students for life as independent adults with a clear sense of their responsibilities towards their community and wider society.
  • All Haileybury Turnford staff are a part of the solution to ensuring we have a positive learning environment.

1. Aim

The aim of the behaviour policy is to determine the boundaries of acceptable and unacceptable behaviour, the succession of rewards and sanctions and how these are fairly and consistently applied.

The policy aims to:

  • Promote students self-control and respect for each other and towards all staff at all times.
  • Encourages students to take responsibility for their behaviour and make the right choices and preventing all types of bullying among students.
  • Regulate students conduct and ensuring their standard of behaviour is acceptable.
  • Encourage a Restorative Justice approach and practices as a way of preventing and promoting positive relationships and restoring relationships when they have broken down.

The 5 Rights and Responsibilities principles underpin our behaviour system and a restorative approach to behaviour and we expect students to develop these attributes; these are key expectations from all students:

Our Values:

Our behaviour policy encourages students to think about reasonable expectations we have of ourselves and each other such as expecting to be treated with respect and dignity. Rights of individuals can only be enjoyed when people are acting responsibly. Our behaviour policy, assembly themes and PSHE emphasise that mutal rights are essential if we are to cooperate with one another at school and enable positive teaching, learning and social environment to co-exist.


Behaviour Policy