The HT Experience

The Haileybury Turnford Experience

Haileybury Turnford enjoys a close partnership with our sponsor Haileybury in Hertford Heath.

Our aim is to provide Year 5 and Year 6 students from our neighbouring primary schools the opportunities to visit both Haileybury Turnford and Haileybury to experience what we can offer.

Our teachers will also visit some of our local primary schools to deliver lessons to Year 5 and Year 6 students in their schools.

Examples of this partnership work to date includes:

  • Opportunities to visit Haileybury and build working robots in the ICT suite;
  • Opportunities to visit Haileybury’s First World War replica trench where students were able to experience something of the life of a soldier in the trenches;
  • Haileybury Turnford teacher and Haileybury Sixth Formers teaching French to students in their primary school;
  • Primary school visits to Haileybury Turnford to participate in masterclasses – including in Science and Art.

We plan to fully develop The Haileybury Turnford Experience in the coming months to provide our primary partners with opportunities to work with us both at Haileybury Turnford and Haileybury.  Please contact us if you would like to find out more or develop a new area of partnership work,

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“Thank you for the opportunities provided for our children this year” Flamstead End Primary

“It was a pleasure to be welcomed at Haileybury Turnford and shown around the school. The school had a new calm atmosphere where pupils appeared engaged in their learning.  It was good to see that all staff were consistent in their approach and picked up on any minor behaviour issues that did not meet with the new expectations.  During conversations with the students, it was obvious that there has been changes since September and these were appreciated as learning was now uninterrupted and focused. It is good to see that ideas about collaborative working discussed during the meeting have been followed up promptly.  We look forward to a positive relationship with the school.” Dewhurst Primary

“Thank you for the recent tour of your school. It was very interesting for me personally to see some ex-pupils and ‘touch base’ with them. What also interested me was the change in ethos that I noted.  The atmosphere around the school was calm and purposeful. Each class that I and my colleagues looked into had pupils working independently or engaging with their teachers in a meaningful way. This seems to me to be different from previous visits I have had.  I wish you continued success in your journey on changing the culture at Haileybury Turnford.  I will be following up your offer to take part in Masterclasses separately” Burleigh Primary

“Thank you for inviting us to your school last week to share the changes in direction that have implemented during the Autumn Term. It was exciting to see the remarkable difference in the attitude of pupils with a culture of mutual respect evident between teachers and pupils. I am sure that the way in which your system of rewards and sanctions is consistently applied by all staff, so that high expectations of pupil behaviour are consistent throughout the school, is much of the reason for this.  There was a sense of pride amongst pupils which could be seen in the way they wear the new uniform as well as renewed regard for their surroundings.  I was particularly struck by the displays around school, which celebrate individual success and highlight achievement”  Brookland Junior School


Year 5 children visit Haileybury – June 2017

Nearly one hundred Year 5 children from Burleigh County Primary School and Churchfield C of E (VA) Primary School in Cheshunt spent the afternoon at Haileybury College this week, where they visited the school’s replica First World War trench, experiencing what life in the trench might have been like for the soldiers a century ago. The pupils were able to touch, feel and pick-up World War One artefacts, including weapons and gas masks, and also learned about officers’ duties and how difficult conditions were for the troops at the front.

As well as visiting the trench, the youngsters were able to use the school’s climbing wall, learning basic climbing skills under expert supervision from Haileybury’ s instructors.

“I was fortunate to meet many of the pupils at Haileybury during their visits.  We were delighted that pupils from two of our local primary schools were able to spend time at Haileybury, just as our own students at Haileybury Turnford do. It is an important part of the partnership between our two schools” said Robin Newman, Principal.


Year 6 Brookland Junior School children visit the trenches at Haileybury – September 2017

Brookland Junior School’s Year 6 children put their wellington boots and waterproof coats on and visited Haileybury to discover the trenches and learn about conditions in WW1.