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Former HT student champions workshop scheme

A former Haileybury Turnford student who started at the University of Oxford this week says application workshops organised by the school were invaluable.

John Pearce (pictured second from left alongside Principal Robin Newman) secured his place to study Physics with A*A*C in Maths, Physics and English Literature.

But the application process was made considerably smoother thanks to workshops held at partner school Haileybury.

“They were a great help,” said John, who grew up in Cheshunt. “They prepared me well and gave me a good insight into the process, which at the time was quite foggy.”

John’s first week at Sommerville College has involved a series of inductions and getting used to his new surroundings.

“It’s going well,” he said. “I’ve settled in nicely, met some course mates.

“There are a few unorthodox things like ‘sub fusc’ which is when you have to wear an allocated gown and carry the hat – you have to wear it when going into exams as well.”

With lectures yet to begin, John’s made the most of some free time by visiting the Ashmolean Museum and getting a feel for the historic city.

“It’s when the architecture starts changing,” he said. “That’s when you feel the aura.

“My college is one of the furthest ones from the city centre, so I can walk a lot and enjoy the architecture which really stands out to me.”

Another former student, Liam Kline who achieved A* A A in History, Economics and English Literature has now taken his place at the University of Cambridge to read English this academic year.