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HT students visit Australia

Extracts from both James Evenden and Maisy Hurst‘s time in Australia having won places with BASET

“My time in Australia will be one I will never forget. It was everything I could have asked for and more, and I am so thankful to BASET for giving me this life changing opportunity that I know will influence the rest of my life. I feel so incredibly lucky and I still cannot quite believe I was even there, it felt so surreal. The people I met were brilliant and really friendly. The English class had a farewell for me for my last lesson in that class, a testament to the community I was able to be a part of at Haileybury Melbourne” said James Evenden.

“My time in Australia was one of the most life changing experiences, an experience constructed of endless fond memories. I think back to my time there every day, it just feels so surreal that BASET gave me this wonderful experience. I had a network of generous kind supportive people out there and I never once felt like I was not with any family, between Mrs Lee, my two families and James I always had somebody to turn to. I definitely felt the huge benefit of the long journey there being able to travel with James, so I am hugely grateful BASET generously funded for both of us to go there. My experience in Australia was amazing from the moment I touched down, it just felt so surreal that I was actually there” said Maisy Hurst.

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