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The World Around Us Masterclass with Haileybury

This topically important and thoroughly thought-provoking online partnership masterclass was focused on the impacts of COVID-19. This masterclass focus ‘The World Around Us’ involved an introduction on whether the positive environmental effects of lockdown will last in the long-term. This was followed by a hotly debated session focusing on the wider societal and economic implications relating to the question ‘Should entertainment events be allowed to resume?’. The closing session considered how economies and nations have become increasingly interconnected and interdependent over the last 50 years and whether COVID-19 marks a turning point in the trend. Students in Year 7 across both schools explored different viewpoints on how COVID-19 will impact globalisation and presented their ideas at the end of the session. All in all, it was another fantastic masterclass that was full of collaboration and perceptive thought – well done to all the Year 7s involved!