Pivotal Approach to Behaviour

At Haileybury Turnford we have embraced our Pivotal approach to improve teaching and learning and create a positive climate and culture, benefiting all staff and students.  We have implemented and embedded our behaviour curriculum in recent years.  We have worked closely with Pivotal Education, an organisation who have supported us to bring about significant change in our culture and learning environment.

All staff have received regular behaviour management training encouraging them to think of practical ways to create and maintain a positive, supportive and safe environment that works for every student and every adult.

Our work has been recognised by Pivotal Education with a series of awards, culminating in the Pivotal Gold Standard Behaviour Award in October 2020.

The Pivotal Curriculum approach encourages students to develop positive relationships and develop self-discipline.  The Pivotal framework places emphasis on developing positive relationships whilst maintaining our high expectations of students in order to create a calm and productive culture ensuring effective learning takes place.

Underpinning our behaviour curriculum are our three minimum expectations we ask of every student; Ready for learning, Respectful to all staff and students and Safe at all times.  Encouraging and modelling these expectations for our students will ensure we are creating the right culture in our school to enabling all students to succeed.

From a recent visit by Pivotal Education

“It was a pleasure to visit yesterday, I certainly witnessed a noticeable difference in the atmosphere and general feeling of the school.  It is clear the efforts of all staff are paying off …” (Ollie Frith, Pivotal Education)