English as an Additional Language

What We Offer

The EAL Centre works in our school to support, teach and monitor the progress and achievement of bilingual, refugee and newly immigrated students at Haileybury Turnford. These students are categorised as English as an Additional Language (EAL) and often have varying levels of either home language or English language fluency.

Of the present students and staff, about 14% are bilingual, that is, they speak, read and write at least one other language. Haileybury Turnford believes that home languages are an important skill to support and develop. Opportunities are being developed for the next academic year which include the bilingual mentoring of new students by older students, home language GCSEs and community language events. Parents can be assured that the languages spoken at home are just as valued and valuable as learning good academic English. It is best if parents let the school know which languages are spoken.



English as an Additional Language Handbook