Mrs E Alio
COVID-19 Testing Centre Manager

Miss H Allingham
Year Achievement Coordinator – Year 7

Mrs S Ashby 
Second in PE

Mr M Barrett
Year Achievement Coordinator – Year 8

Mr A Belgrave
Teacher of Business

Mrs D Bezer
Science Technician

Mr P Bezer
Medical Officer & Reception

Miss C Bilsby
Subject Leader – Dance

Mrs K Blaskett
Sixth Form Administrator

Miss L Brain
Subject Leader – RE & Sociology

Mr A Brewer
PE Assistant

Mr J Butler
Facilities Assistant

Mr K Cable
Design & Technology Technician

Mrs L Cable
Catering Manager

Mrs A Camacho
Faculty Leader – Enterprise

Mrs V Carter
Assistant Year Achievement Coordinator – KS3

Miss S Christopher
Learning Support Assistant

Mr N Collins
Link Science Support

Mr M Cobos
IT Technician

Miss R Cross
Medical Officer & Reception

Mrs R Davey
Inclusion Admin Manager, PA to Assistant Principals & Year Achievement Coordinators

Mrs D Dexter
A10 School Games Organiser

Mr C Difrancesco
Office Assistant/Receptionist

Mr J Donovan
Exams and Data Manager

Miss S Dubra
Subject Leader – Child Development, Health and Social Care & Psychology

Mr R Duncan
Director of Mathematics

Mrs L Durso
Assistant Director of Teaching & Learning

Mrs V Elliott
Intervention Officer & Child Protection and Social Services Lead

Mr J Ezra
Teacher of Design & Technology

Mr I Galgal
Teacher of Mathematics & KS3 Coordinator

Mrs C Gamby
Teacher of Art & Photography

Miss C Gibbins
Assistant Year Achievement Coordinator

Miss G Gibbs
Subject Leader – Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs M Goodes
Vice Principal – Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr N Goodfellow
IT Network Manager

Miss A Goody
Assistant Head of Sixth Form, Head of Year 13

Miss A Graham
School Counsellor & Link Worker

Miss K Graham
School Counsellor

Ms T Green
Teacher of Business & Economics & EPQ Coordinator

Mrs J Hare
Subject Leader – Art & Photography

Mrs K Harris
Literacy & Numeracy Coordinator

Mrs G Hayward-Bishop
Attendance Officer

Miss M Henry
Learning Support Assistant

Mr S Hill
Faculty Leader – Design & Technology

Mr C Hill-Griffiths
Premises Assistant

Ms J Howard
Business Manager

Miss N Hughes
Learning Support Assistant

Mrs D Hurry
Senior Science Technician

Mr O Husnu
Second in Design & Technology

Ms A Hutu
Teacher of Science

Mrs J Jarvis
HR, Cover & A10 Active Development Manger

Miss A Jethmalani
Teacher of Science

Ms N Jobson
Teacher of Mathematics

Ms K Johnson
Year Achievement Coordinator – Year 10

Miss P Johnson
ITT trainee in English

Mrs K Jones
Finance Manager

Ms K Just
Lead Practitioner

Miss E Kaposi
Year Achievement Coordinator – Year 9

Miss J Keys
Cover Supervisor (maternity leave)

Miss S Khatiri
Teacher of English & Gregson Teacher Scholarship

Miss S Large
Learning Support Assistant

Miss I Laurila
Teach First Academic Mentor

Miss K Lawrence 
Cover Supervisor

Mrs H Ledster
Subject Leader – Media

Ms J Leon
Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

Mr S Lindquist
Head of Year 12

Miss E Lines
Teacher i/c Food & Technology

Mrs M Lukeman
Lead Practitioner – Teaching & Learning

Mr E Macaulay
Assistant Principal – Year 11 & KS4 Raising Standards Leader

Mr L Macdonald
Director of English

Ms J Matthew
Lead Practitioner – Teaching & Learning

Miss A McHugh
Learning Support Assistant

Mrs L Megaw
Personal Development & Community Coordinator

Mr N Megaw
Assistant Principal

Mrs J Mitchell
Flex/SEND Coordinator

Miss J Moore
Link Worker

Mrs E Morgan
Faculty Leader – Humanities & Subject Leader – Geography

Miss Y Navamuel
Teacher of MFL & EAL Coordinator

Mrs G Nayler
Exams Administrator

Miss L Nethercott
Executive Assistant to the Principal & Vice Principal

Dr R Netting
Teacher of Science, i/c KS3 Science

Miss D Newman
Assistant Principal

Mr R Newman

Mrs S Nicholson
Subject Leader – Music

Miss F Oshodi
IT Assistant

Mr D Panayi
Facilities Assistant

Miss I Parveen
Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs L Penn
Food Technician

Mrs M Quinn
Teacher of Mathematics & Numeracy Lead

Mr P Ramdoyal
Teacher of Mathematics & i/c KS5 Mathematics

Miss C Ray
Learning Support Assistant

Miss A Ridge
Teacher of Science

Miss E Ridgeway
Teacher of Child Development and Design & Technology

Miss R Robinson
Assistant Year Achievement Coordinator

Mrs E Rockliffe
Subject Leader – Art & Photography (maternity leave)

Ms M Russell-Williams
SEND Administrator

Mrs A Saunders
Learning Resources Manager

Mrs D Sharp
Subject Leader – History

Mrs N Shivalkar
Assistant Principal & Head of Sixth Form

Miss C Simeou
Teacher of PE

Miss D Spencer
Office Assistant/Receptionist

Miss L Stevens
Faculty leader – PE

Mr J Stuart
Teacher of History

Mr S Tagliarini
Teacher of Computing & ICT

Mrs S Tailor
Subject Leader – Business & Economics

Mrs H Thomas

Mrs K Thompson
Link Worker

Miss M Vanezis
Teacher of English

Mr B Walsh
Assistant Principal

Mrs T Watkins
Link Worker

Mrs H Wells
Subject Leader – Drama

Mrs S Whall

Miss L Willard
Link Worker

Mr S Williams
Director of Science

Mrs C Winborn
Cover Manager

Mr J Woodman
Premises Assistant