Vision and Values

Our vision is to be the best school we can be, developing every aspect of our students to ensure that they can thrive, flourish and succeed.

We will make sure that each student has the opportunity to reach their potential, and can leave us with the qualifications, skills and qualities they need for a successful life.

We will draw on Haileybury’s 150 years of outstanding achievement, and combine that with Turnford’s strong sense of community, to create an exceptional school.

We believe that excellent teaching, academic success, the best pastoral care and enriching co-curricular opportunities are hallmarks of an excellent school, and will mean our students thrive, flourish and succeed.

Our school motto is Ambition Pride Success  

Ambition: We will do everything possible to inspire students to aim high and be the very best versions of themselves in all they do

Pride: We have real pride in our students and will do everything to help them to believe in themselves and feel proud of their achievements

Success: We are all about success, which comes from all we do with our students; we will always encourage our students to embrace their goals and celebrate their successes


Whole School Improvement Priorities for 2023-24
Haileybury Turnford Strategy - 2025