Student Testimonials

Views from our students

Bella in Year 8

“I’ve loved the first few weeks at HT.  All the teachers are kind and help me to get used to my new school.  I feel happy here and I feel safe.  In our assemblies, we are encouraged to be respectful and we learn about ways in which we can achieve and earn a HT Award Badge.  I really am pleased I come to HT.”

Charlie in Year 10

“I feel safe around the school because students are nice to each other and the teachers are always there to speak to.”

Jake in Year 10

“I feel ready for learning as teachers have planned their lessons and every lesson is structured to help you learn.  Staff have respect for students and they always say ‘Hello’ and welcome students as they come to school every morning.”

Louis in Year 11

“Lessons this year have started off really well.  I am learning a lot and I get a lot of homework too, which is helping me prepare for my GCSEs.  I always feel safe in our school; the teachers are approachable and helpful.”

Kyla in Year 11

“Lessons are good and every lesson has a starter activity on the board as you enter – we complete this is silence and it means we get to settle and focus at the start of the lesson.  Behaviour is a lot better than it was in Y7 as teachers expect a lot more from us and our assemblies help to teach us about how we should be respectful and behave in school and lessons.”