Rewards and Awards

At Haileybury Turnford we believe in encouraging and rewarding effort and achievement.
Students are congratulated in Year assemblies and House assemblies. They may earn Achievement Points and House Points.

It is believed that by providing students with Achievement and House Points they are encouraged to fully engage with all opportunities available to them. Achievement and House Points motivate students by giving them a greater awareness that their contributions are valued and recognised by the school. They also provide a framework for students to achieve their personal best and to be rewarded for it. When students take part in community/charity activities, it makes them appreciate and learn about being socially responsible.

Students receive Achievement and House Points from staff for school learning, homework, community and co-curricular contributions.

The total of House Points are calculated on a monthly basis and they feed in to the annual House Competition.

We are also developing a wider range of rewards and awards to celebrate the amazing achievements of our students more extensively including Students of the Week, Reader of the Month, Mathematician of the Month and Awards activities, trips and celebration evenings.


Year 11 student wins Talent for Writing Award
KS3 HT Award