Year 7 Information and Letters

Starting Year 7 – How will we support your child?

  • We are developing our programme of Year 5 and Year 6 masterclasses with local primary schools – both here and at Haileybury. We aim to give local Year 5 and 6 students the opportunity to try things that they may not get the chance to do at primary school, but give them a taste of subjects they will study in Year 7.
  • Our staff are teaching Spanish and music in three of our partner primary schools.
  • We liaise very closely with our partner primary schools to support student transition to us.
  • We have a Year 6 Transition Day in July at Haileybury Turnford for our new students.
  • We have a Welcome Meeting in June for new parents and carers to help find out more about how we do things at Haileybury Turnford.
  • We have a staggered start to the academic year so Year 7 are not overwhelmed by the presence of other year groups on Day 1 with us. We welcome parents and carers into school again at the very start of term.

Our students are very well supported and looked after – we are a big school in the eyes of our new students, but not as big as some other local secondary schools, so we can get to know the needs of our students and families well. Each student is well looked after by their Form Tutor and Year Achievement Coordinator alongside other support structures as required.

Our future Year 7 students in the main take it in their stride. And where there are initial settling in issues we will support those students too.

Homework can be found on Class Charts.


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