British Values

There is a focus on promoting British values through the curriculum, which follows guidance in the Promoting fundamental British Values as part of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education (SMSC) in schools (DfE, November 2014).

As a result of promoting fundamental British values, our students will develop:

  • an understanding of how citizens can influence decision-making through the democratic process;
  • an appreciation that living under the rule of law protects individual citizens and is essential for their wellbeing and safety;
  • an understanding that there is a separation of power between the executive and the judiciary, and that while some public bodies such as the police and the army can be held to account through Parliament, others such as the courts maintain independence;
  • an understanding that the freedom to choose and hold other faiths and beliefs is protected in law;
  • an acceptance that other people having different faiths or beliefs to oneself (or having none) should be accepted and tolerated, and should not be the cause of prejudicial or discriminatory behaviour;
  • an understanding of the importance of identifying and combatting discrimination.


How we promote British Values at Haileybury Turnford