Parent Survey Results

98% of parents strongly agree or agree that their child is happy in school.

98% of parents strongly agree or agree that their child feels safe at school.

96% of parents strongly agree or agree that the school has high expectations for their child.

95% of parents strongly agree or agree that their child does well in the school.

98% of parents strongly agree or agree that there is a good range of subjects available in the school.

96% of parents strongly agree or agree that their child can take part in clubs and activities in the school.

96% of parents strongly agree or agree that they would recommend the school to another parent.
(Results from Ofsted Parent View, March 2022)

In October 2011 Ofsted launched Parent View, which is a facility for parents to give their views about their child’s school.

Parent View allows parents and carers to give their views about their child’s school at any time of the year. It features twelve questions that cover a range of issues important to parents, such as how well the school deals with bullying, the quality of teaching, whether the level of home learning given is appropriate and a final question of whether or not a parent would recommend the school. Once a small number of surveys are completed, the results for the school are visible in Parent View although individual responses are not. Ofsted analyses the responses given by parents on a monthly basis. Many parents who are happy with their child’s school use Parent View to share their satisfaction or to show their support for the school. Where large numbers of survey results are critical of a school, inspectors will look at the information alongside other data, including examination results, attendance records and complaint levels to establish the quality of education that a school provides for its community.

The survey is not designed to receive complaints about schools. Parents who wish to make a complaint or have a serious concern about their child’s school or about the safety or wellbeing of a child should do this using other channels. Please do not hesitate to contact the school in these circumstances so that such a concern can be addressed.

If you are a parent or carer you simply need your email address and a password to register on the Parent View website at: Once your login has been activated it only takes a few minutes to rate your child’s school against the twelve questions.


Our own Parent/Carer Questionnaire

In addition to the views received about the school on Parent View, we carry out our own questionnaire following each Parents’ Evening during the academic year.

Thank you for taking the time to give feedback about Haileybury Turnford.


Comments from Parents following 2022 OFSTED report

“I have been nothing but happy and impressed with HT since my son started in September.”

“Massive congratulations to everyone at HT … as parents we appreciate all the hard work you and your staff put into supporting your students.”

“This is fantastic news and a true reflection of the hard work and commitment all teachers and staff have shown at HT.”


Comments from Year 7  October 2022 Parents’ Survey

“Communication and the teachers, first impressions have been great.”

“everyone is made to feel welcome and that they can achieve.”

“Positive home-school relations, safe and orderly environment, high expectations, cooperation,
respect and empathy, I see the school as a good educational environment and safe for every child with ambition from
teachers to help the students.”


Comments from Awards Evening at Haileybury Turnford

“We are very proud to be able to say that our son attends Haileybury Turnford School, Cheshunt.” Year 7 parent.


Comments from Year 7 Parents’ Evening at Haileybury Turnford

“Very pleased with how my son is doing at the school and all the support he gets from his teachers.”

“Keep up the great work.  We are growing from strength to strength and it’s all the better for our children/students.”

“It was our first Parents’ Evening.  We found all the teachers we saw very enthusiastic and passionate about their subject and were very positive about our son and how he is getting on at the school.”

“So happy with this school.”

“I could not be happier with the school – absolutely fantastic – thank you to all the staff.  My daughter is doing amazingly and loves school!”

“… able to appreciate with each teacher, their difficult task of teaching a class of 30 when they have a student/students with difficulties who may test their patience and understanding.  I expressed my gratitude for their support in trying to settle, teach and guide [name] for the years ahead to complete his education.”

“I attended Year 7 Parents’ Evening last night and I am in awe of the school and the fantastic team that you have working there supporting my daughter.  Thank you so much.”


Comments from Year 8 Parents’ Evening at Haileybury Turnford

“… I’d like to say how proud we are of [name] for doing her best in all of her subjects.  Each and every teacher we saw gave us positive feedback about our child’s progress and said how well she is doing.  We thank you and the all the teachers for recognising our child’s success and making her feel proud of all her achievements.”

“My daughter is extremely happy at HT and we are pleased with her progress and pleased she chose this school.”

“My child is very happy at school. The learning support and assistance my child receives from the teachers is excellent. This makes for a great learning experience for my child.”

“Very happy with our child’s progress. The school is continually improving and impressing with it’s determination and drive.”


Comments from Parents following Year 10 Parents’ Evening

“I just wanted to send a quick line to say how pleased we were with Parents’ Evening last night, it was so lovely being in the new building and face-to-face finally after the last couple of years”

“We were so impressed with all the teachers we saw; they were all friendly, enthusiastic, supportive and encouraging and not only did they know about my child academically, but also as a person and what makes her tick and we came away very positive for the next year and then further onto A Levels”

“I just wanted to share that with you, and congratulate you on the great Ofsted report as last night it really did show what a great school Haileybury Turnford has become”


Comments from Year 10 History and Year 11 Geography Parents’ survey

“My child enjoys history, wants to take it at A Level.”

“My son has received great support in his last GCSE year. From extra tutorials, advice on practice question techniques and much more. Thank you for the continued input.”




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