Our Head Students

Hear from our Head Students 2023-24

“Haileybury Turnford is not only a school, but a community in which creativity, ambition and confidence are encouraged to flourish. I am very proud to be a part of this and am excited to work with our student leadership team to ensure that everybody has the best experience possible.” Ruby Gunes, Head Student

“At Haileybury Turnford the learning journey is completely immersive and really does play into its three key words. Ambition: it has taught me how to be ambitious, to never doubt myself and always think positively. Pride: I am always proud to say that I have the privilege of learning at this school and have met some truly inspiring people that have helped me on my educational journey. Success: this school does so much to help its students succeed and teachers go the extra mile to help every student to achieve their very best.” Jack Gruncell, Head Student