Our Head Students

Hear from our Head Students 2024/25

“I study A Level Chemistry, Biology and Politics. When I leave Haileybury Turnford at the end of Year 13, I wish to go to university and study chemistry. Haileybury Turnford is not only a place where students come to learn but also a place where we are encouraged to be the best versions of ourselves. Students not only achieve the knowledge and exam results to move onto their next steps but also the experience and skills that will aid their futures. As someone who has been at the school since Year 7 and as someone who has struggled with confidence in the past, the support from teachers and other staff members around me has been the main reason I think so highly of this school and why my confidence has grown considerably, as everyone goes above and beyond to ensure every day spent at Haileybury Turnford is memorable.”  Megan, Head Student


“Haileybury Turnford has been and continues to be a pillar that has served the community of Cheshunt and I’m proud to be part of a school that enables its students to flourish into the best version of themselves they can be.  We have first class teaching that is delivered by our teachers at Haileybury Turnford and I am certain that any person wishing to join our school will be proud and privileged to be a part of our strong and cohesive community.” Oluwakayode, Head Student