Our Head Students

Hear from our Head Students 2022-23

‘The experience at Haileybury Turnford is unique to every student.  I hope I am able to lead with Ambition, Pride, and Success, following the spirit of the school’s values. I want to make sure the unique experience everyone has is the best it can possibly be, and with the support of Rebecca and the student prefect team, I’m confident that this can be achieved.’ Jamie Curry, Head Student


‘Haileybury Turnford is a school I am, and always have been, proud to attend.  Having seen how much my school has improved since I started in Year 7, I feel honoured to now be one of this year’s Head Students, providing me with the ability to be a part of the amazing work the school is doing.   I am excited to work alongside Jamie and our prefect team in leading the student body as well as bringing all of our ideas and projects to life.’
Rebecca Fletcher, Head Student