The Wellbeing Hub

To help us to create a nurturing environment focusing on student mental health and wellbeing and with the support of Haileybury we have invested in a ‘Wellbeing Hub’, developed by child and adolescent mental health and wellbeing experts, Teen Tips. As Parent/Carer of a student at HT, you are entitled to free access and we highly recommend you take the opportunity to register and start using these resources.

The Wellbeing Hub is an interactive online portal, designed to help you understand and meet your child’s social and emotional needs.

As a Parent/Carer Hub member, you benefit from:

  • Complete Parenting Teens Course (audio and video courses)
  • Weekly Updated Resources – podcasts, articles and tips
  • Weekly Live Q&A with a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist
  • Resources – a weekly updated bank of resources, including podcasts and articles
  • Careers – with Careers Advice articles and Webinars, as well as Inspiring Futures Podcasts – insiders’ perspectives on different industries, roles and career paths, to share with pupils
  • Ask the Expert Q&A Service
  • Q&A library
  • Spark – an area to find positivity, inspiration, good news and more
  • Parenting One-to-Ones paid service
  • Access to specialists
  • 25% Discount on Teen Tips Webinars

You can find a Guided Hub Video Tour for Parents/Carers Here.

We are pleased to be able to provide this enhanced level of pastoral support and hope you find The Wellbeing Hub by Teen Tips, beneficial and a useful resource.


Recording of Parents’ Forum 7.2.22 Click Here


Wellbeing Hub - 6th February 2023